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Here you find answers of frequently asked questions!

Hier finden Sie alle Schulungsinhalte, die aktuell im Online-Schulungssystem AS-Trainer vorhanden sind - inkl. SCC-Schulungsinhalten!

1. Can I use the AS-Trainer as someone who does not use a computer every day?

The AS-Trainer is designed for everyone. Being familiar with a computer is NOT a prerequisite - on the contrary: The user interface is intuitive and easy to operate. You will not need instruction manuals or IT specialist for the program. Any employee can learn to operate the AS-Trainer quickly, because only a few simple steps are needed.


2. How long is the introductory phase for the AS-Trainer at my company?

The AS-Trainer is ready for operation quickly. We provide a complete system. As soon as the person responsible within the company has added the company-specific information required, the program is ready to go. The required input includes creating the company structure (standard and premium package) and assigning accounts to each employee with the respective courses. Now you are ready to go!


3. How do works councils, safety officers and data protection officials evaluate and monitor the AS-Trainer?

The topic "data protection" plays a significant role for the AS-Trainer and is considered to be very important. There is no way for anyone to trace an employee's behavior or performance, so no one can see how often a person quit a course or answered questions incorrectly. The only documentation is the personal certificate generated upon completion of course, indicating the date on which the test was passed.
Please do not hesitate to ask us about the measures implemented to protect your data on the internet (SSL encryption, server safeguarding, etc.).


4. Does this type of instruction ensure us sound legal protection?

The law requires that the employer or manager instruct users before beginning the activity and then repeat the instructions every year. The application of "blended learning," with tests at the end of the course to verify that the material has been learned properly, meets this requirement much better than instructional events that simply certify the presence of the participant.


5. Can I introduce E-learning even if not all of my employees have their own PC?

Any computer with Internet access can be used to take the courses. Another option is to designate one computer for training purposes. The employees can take the courses and the tests one after the other. Because the information can be worked through and learned any time, it is not necessary to spend extended periods of time at the computer.


6. Do managers and employees still communicate regularly despite E-learning?

Communication not only remains intact, it is usually intensified. A computer-supported form of instruction tends to produce a more uniform and higher level of knowledge than a lecture format. This often leads to employees approaching their superiors much sooner when they notice discrepancies between the knowledge conveyed and the actual state of the workplace. Such personal dialog pertaining to the relevant subject matter increases occupational safety in your company.


7. How does the data processing department evaluate the AS-Trainer?

The AS-Trainer in an online application, meaning that the program does not have to be installed at each workplace. The system runs completely on its own and requires no maintenance.


8. Do employees readily accept a computer-supported instruction system?

Employees tend to approach this type of instruction with an open mind. They consider it innovative and modern. They quickly recognize that the AS-Trainer is a useful tool. The legal protection and efficiency are the aspects that appeal most to managers.


9. How are the topics of the individual courses prepared?

Our occupational safety experts develop the course contents based on practical experience and with extensive competence in the respective fields. Graphic and video artists design the contents as text, image/graphics, audio, video and animation.


10. Is the AS-Trainer available in other languages?

Right now the operating elements of the AS-Trainer are available in German and English. Employees that do not possess enough German skills can operated the system in English. We are in the process of translating the training modules into English. Other languages can be integrated upon request.