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Easy operation for employees, group managers and administrators

This is How the AS-Trainer Works:

The AS-Trainer works on three different levels:

1) Employee: This is the lowest level: The employee completes the courses assigned to him and then takes the tests. He receives his personal certificates upon completion. The employee has access to the help questions relevant for him.  

2) Group manager: The group manager works at the middle level. He can view the employee statistics to see which employees have completed their courses and which still have to be trained. The group manager also completes the courses assigned to him and takes the tests, for which he receives personal certificates. He has access to the help questions relevant for him.  

3) Administrator: This level can be accessed only by selected persons responsible for the training system in your company. The administrator creates the individual company structure (locations, groups, employees). With the "Premium" package, the administrator creates the company's own training courses and, as necessary, the test questions. He assigns courses to each person, creates roles and assigns the roles to employees. The administrator specifies group managers and has access to the help questions relevant for him.


What You Can Do with the AS-Trainer:

  • Illustration of your company's structure, indicating locations, groups/departments/areas and individual employees.
  • Quick and easy creation of training contents specific to your company, as text, graphics, photos, audio, video, animation as well as tests and completion certificates (Premium package)
  • Certificates for successfully completed tests
  • Determination of group managers, granting an overview of the training status of groups and individual employees 
  • Specification of roles (professions, tasks, training groups) to more easily assign different courses with a single click
  • Performance of training courses from any location, with external employees or service providers

... It's This Easy!

1) The first step is to specify an administrator for the company. This person enters the company-specific information. He/she first creates the company structure, including groups and individual employees.

2) Then the administrator assigns training courses to all of the persons registered in the AS-Trainer.

3) The administrator can define roles that include certain training courses. Then employees need not be assigned individual courses. Instead only one step assigns a role - meaning a variable number of specific courses determined by the company itself.

4) When a course has been completed and the test (multiple choice) successfully passed, the system automatically creates the respective certificate for that course, indicating the topic and duration.

The persons designated as group managers have access to the statistics for their group as well as all subgroups. This gives them an overview of the current training status of their employees, enabling them to send reminders as needed.

With the Premium package, you can add your own company-specific contents to the system. The contents are entered by the administrator as text, graphics, photos, audio and video. If desired, test questions and the percentage of correct answers required to pass the test can be entered. Personal certificates are awarded for the company's own courses as well.


System Requirements:

  • Browser:
    Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 6.0 or higher
    Mozilla Firefox, version 2.0 or higher
    Apple Safari, version 2.0 or higher
  • Browser features:
    JavaScript activated
    Cookies allowed
    128 bit SSL encryption
  • Adobe Reader or comparable product
    for viewing PDF files
  •  Adobe Flash-Player: At least version
  •  Screen resolution: at least 1024 x 768 pixels
  •  CPU: at least 1 GHz