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Courses Offered
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Courses Offered

Occupational safety and more!

Hier finden Sie alle Schulungsinhalte, die aktuell im Online-Schulungssystem AS-Trainer vorhanden sind - inkl. SCC-Schulungsinhalten!

The following topics are currently available:

Accident occurrence
Accident prevention
Accidents, accident statistics
Accidents during forward motion
Accidents in kitchens
Additional protective measures pursuant to TrbA 250, protective stage 2
Alcohol and drugs
Assembly and construction work
Avoiding ignition sources

Optimale Vorbereitung auf die SCC-Prüfung!

The AS-Trainer is the perfect way to prepare for the SCC (Safety Certificate Contractors) examination. When you have completed the relevant courses and passed the respective tests, you will receive proof of training pursuant to document 016, which authorized you to take the official SCC exam to obtain SCC certification.

The SCC certification exam must be monitored by a proctor. We would be happy to have one of our many occupational safety experts administer the exam at your facility any time.

Just let us know!


Current Training Modules

The topics shown alphabetically above have been put together to build training modules. Our current training modules are:

  • Arbeiten auf hochgelegenen Arbeitsplätzen
  • Arbeiten in engen Räumen
  • Arbeitsschutzgesetzgebung und Überwachung
  • Arbeitssicherheit und Gesundheitsschutz in Küchen
  • Beschäftigte in Verwaltungsbereichen
  • Biologische Arbeitsstoffe - Schutzstufe 1
  • Biologische Arbeitsstoffe - Schutzstufe 2
  • Brand- und Explosionsschutz
  • Elektrotechnik
  • Förder- und Hebetechnik, Verkehrswege
  • Gabelstaplerfahrer - Sicherheitstraining (auch in englischer Sprache verfügbar!)
  • Gefahrstoffe
  • Infektionsschutzgesetz
  • Persönliche Schutzausrüstung
  • Unfallursachen und Verhalten bei Unfällen
  • Werkzeuge, Maschinen...

The topics from our pool can be grouped together to create courses tailored to the needs of your company.


Your Own Training Courses


Quickly and easily create your own course contents for a certain group of people (e.g. marketing group, new hires, managers) or for the entire corporation by entering text, graphics, photos, audios, videos and/or animations in the system.

If needed, add a test to your own courses to ensure comprehension. As soon as a test is passed, a personal certificate is issued.

Find out more about what the AS-Trainer has to offer under "Functioning."


Our Full Range for You!

Do you need help creating course contents or editing the graphics? Whether the subject is occupational safety or contents specific to your company – you can count on us!

We just draw on our vast pool of resources and creativity:

  •  Photography
  •  Video animation
  •  3D visualization
  •  Graphics and illustrations
  •  Audio (course moderation by a speaker)
  •  Films
  •  Playful interaction
  •  And much more

Testing on site: Take advantage of our widespread network of occupational safety experts who can administer tests on site any time! Interested? Then call or send us an e-mail – we will take care of everything else!